What Project

Group Members:
Peter Dohogne
Mallory Milam
Matthew Moldavan
Geoffrey Viola


February 21st
We installed visual works and migio so now everyone has opencv and migio working. Mallory uploaded a program from myskit onto PLEO.


We starting testing the opencv tutorial. The blob tutorial was exceptionally useful. Both of the batteries are dead and the gray does not seem to charge.

February 24th
Image detection is working…mostly. We have the capability to determine Pleo's orientation, but we need to have a way to visually differentiate between the head and the body. Wireless communication with the Pleo is still not working, but the movement commands are shaping up nicely.
Perhaps this link will help the PLEO connection http://www.grip-online.com/en/pleo_hack/xbee and the X-CTU manual http://www.ac-limoges.fr/sti_ge/IMG/pdf/X-CTU_Manual.pdf.

February 25th
No progress on getting PLEO to move wirelessly. There is a Xbee tutorial video here http://vimeo.com/3508123 and here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzgUtZyiHhE. We confirmed that the PLEO works with the usb connection; but do not understand why it does not work with xbee, after following the wiki section.

February 28th
Efforts to control the Pleo wirelessly have been abandoned. USB control through MiGIO has been obtained, and should suffice for this project. Image code is being integrated into the MiGIO framework and movement code is being refined. Found some quirks with movement; for example, angle commands of > 45 for leg servos given repeatedly can cause the PLEO to stop connecting until reset.

March 1st
We have success! Our program works! We want to smooth out the walking algorithm a bit, and we need to put together our written responses to the questions, but it works! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Our PLEO is ready to take over the world, one plastic fruit at a time!


*Found the angle of two blobs with the overhead camera
*Moved PLEO with myskit commands on a SD card
*Moved PLEO via usb
*Find direction of PLEO - draw angle from head and body
*Get angle of PLEO to the fruit
*Link image detection and movement commands

Things to Do

*Improve walk/turn algorithm
*Write project

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