Skyscraper Sign Up

Each group will create at least one skyscraper (2-3 ft. tall with max. 4" x 4" base or max 3" x 10" base). Light (cardboard / foamboard) and even density throughout. This is a sign-up for skyscrapers (each group should know where theirs is on a Tokyo map).

Sign up!!! These:
(or add your own:

  • Cerulean Tower - Bot Wheels
  • The Tokyo Towers - Team 5
  • Izumi Garden Tower - WREK KREW
  • Tokyo Tower (red one) - What Project?
  • Mode Gakuen Tower - Jurassic Park
  • World Trade Center (Tokyo) - Group 10
  • Roppongi Hills Mori Tower BADA55
  • NEC Super Tower - Team Four
  • Midtown Tower - Team Granfalloon
  • NTT Docomo Yoyogi - What Project?
  • Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka - WREK Crew
  • Shinjuku Park Tower - Team Four
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