Bot Wheels

This is the page for the Bot Wheels Rovio group.

Our team members are:

Dan Ardelean
Will Boyd
Jesse Swidler
Steven Hamilton


We have been spending a lot of time working on our robot.

We have been using the blob detection method to find our robot and fruit in the camera frame. Depending on the lighting conditions, finding the fruit on color alone has been a … fruitless … effort. It works some of the time, but the lemon in particular appears to be the exact same color as the robot due to its shininess.

We have programmed ways to help the robot find its target using color none the less, and when it works properly, we have a functional robot controller that is able to determine the orientation of the robot based upon the how the robot moves, and it will get the robot to the fruit.

Here is a video I put on YouTube that shows the robot making it to three different targets consecutively from the overhead cam perspective. As you can see with the mouse, the robot has help finding its goal points, but it does not need any help to determine its position, orientation, or

Here is an older video of me with an apple. The robot does not move as fast, although it is not as apparent with a continuous video. You cannot see the screen capture, but I was purposely keeping as much of myself out of the overhead cam, so that just my hands and the apple was in the image whenever I sat down. Everything in this video was completely automated. As you can see, the robot does fairly well figuring out what to do! And if you listen to the audio, you can see we were still a little surprise about that fact at this point. Move improvements have been made so it runs a little faster and is more tolerant to error since this was recorded. Also, at this point the robot would only move in one of four directions, the new controller can move the robot in 8 directions.

This is from a completely different day, with an updated controller and recognition class, but it is the same kind of test as above. This video is from the overhead cam, and you can see at this point the robot is very happy to do what it is supposed to!

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